Kids Dentistry Center

Kids Dentistry Center
About us
Our Center was established in 1992, we are the preeminent
practice for Pediatric Dentistry in Brooklyn. We foster an environment
that affords our patients a sense of health and wellness by providing
the best quality of care and patient’s experience available
We work with you from day one to protect your child’s dental health.
From teething babies to appearance-conscious teenagers, we
offer sound advice based on comprehensive dental research and
patient experience. Whether you want to persuade your baby to give
up a pacifier or convince your young athlete to wear a mouth guard,
talk to us. We are here to help you protect your child’s dental health
An early start in regular dental care is an important step on the
road to total health. Pediatric dentists recommend that children begin
routine dental visits by age one so that any problems may be detected,
treated early, or even avoided completely.
Preventive Dentistry
Restorative Treatments
Diagnostic Dentistry
Esthetic Treatment
Interceptive Orthodontic Care
Sports Dentistry – Mouth Guards
Emergency & Urgent Care
Sedation Dentistry
Behavior Management
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