How to Perform a Test for the Defective CPU on Hp laptop

How to Perform a Test
for the Defective CPU
on Hp laptop?
I am Taylor Ross
I am here because I am going
to tell you How to Perform a
Test for the Defective CPU on
Hp laptop.
The central processing unit is the root form where every task of the
computer is carried out; nowadays the CPU is coming with the
small and square size embedded with the motherboard. Due to its
embedded structure, the user can’t replace the faulty processor. At
this instance, you don’t have the option but to replace the entire
motherboard or the laptop itself. However, before doing that, Hp
Support advises you to check your processor whether it is really
faulty or not by using the tools such as Hp diagnostic or PC
Checkup. These troubleshooting tools perform the automated test
for the hardware component which is installed on your computer.
Perform the diagnostic process by the BIOS
Restart your computer if it is currently on; locate the F12 button on your
keyboard and press it as soon as the Hp logo appears.
Select “Boot to utility partition” and press “Enter”. Use the directional key
to choose the option, your mouse will not work there.
You will have the few options, hit the option “Custom test” and then
select the “Group by Device type” followed by “Processor”.
Now hit the option “Run test” and follow the on-screen instruction to
complete the process. It will take a while to show you the result.
Perform the diagnostic scan by PC check up
▫ Hit the start button > “All program” > “Hp” > “Support
center” and then click the “Pc Checkup” to launch this
▫ Go through the option and locate the “Custom scan”
select the CPU in the complete list of the system
device and click “Run test”, it will perform the complete
scanning for the hardware device.
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Replacing your laptop or spending a good deal of amount by
taking it to the repair center can’t be the prudent decision until
professionals are convinced that your CPU needs replacement.
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