How To Import PayPal Transactions In QuickBooks Software?

How To Import PayPal Transactions In
QuickBooks Software?
PayPal is surely one of the most recognized and reliable sources for money transactions these
days. Also, another reason behind its popularity is that it allows the completion of the process
free of cost. Being the international-commerce business site, many of the users use this facility to
make transactions and wants to incorporate these transactions into their most loved and trusted
QuickBooks application.
Now, you will be able to share the information of making any transaction in PayPal and get it
transferred to the accounting software. QuickBooks Technical Support understands that
manually infiltrating all the information is just not viable. There are so many business deals and
thousands of transactions in a single day. Now, all the activities in your PayPal can be imported
into this accounting software by converting it into an .iif format. This is the Intuit Interchange
Follow The Given Steps And Create Intuit Interchange
First, you have to prepare the accounting application by creating new accounts such as bank
account, Income account and expense account.
Log into PayPal > My Account.
Now go to the History, followed by Download History > Date range.
Now go to the Files types and choose.iif format and Download history.
Next, you have to enter the names of the account, as named for the company’s accounts.
Now type the PayPal Account name, Expenses Account name, Income Account name in
the same order.
6. Save .iif to desktop.
7. Go to the File Menu of QuickBooks > Utilities > Import > IIF Files.
8. Click Open and it’s done.
In case of any assistance or hurdles during the process, you can contact QuickBooks technical
support number Australia 1-800-817-695. Though a tough task but it is extremely helpful and
resourceful to manage your transactions.
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