How to Create or Change Your Username on Facebook

As we know that Facebook is a social networking and online social media company situated in California. The
Facebook internet site turned into released on February 4, 2004, via Mark Zuckerberg, in conjunction with fellow
Harvard University students and roommates and day by day it becomes one of the highest and popular social
network it jumped by 65 million active users monthly and the rate of development appears to proceed at 20
million active customers or dynamic clients in keeping with month. As it is joined by many people and become
famous with different age of people from 12 to 65 plus onward and people use it accordingly to their need like
chatting with friend share photos and videos etc. Through the medium of Facebook, it becomes one of the best
ways to connecting and reconnecting with family and friend now it becomes the best way of connectivity because
of its popularity on the web today with the high feature of security. A large number of individuals register with
Facebook every day, which makes it an incredibly intense device for discovering individuals you may have lost
contact with: companions, family, relatives and some of yours secondary class mates.
It has nothing challenging in all of its features are easy to use and apply as it is user-friendly however sometimes
many people face many kinds of difficulties while using Facebook and want to change their general account
setting and they can't change because they don't know how to change the settings and many other issues. In this
article, we will discuss and help you out with your problem of how to create or change your username on
Facebook? Many times you have seen that while creating Facebook account many new user create their user
name as nick name or by any other user name and after creating their Facebook account successfully they want to
change their user name by any other user name and get stuck in Facebook account setting as it is not hard to use
because all the general setting of Facebook are easy and compatible to use if it goes step by step. So here are the
steps for creating or changing your user name on your Facebook account.
1. Log into your account
2. After login successfully click about on the right side of the Facebook page and select settings.
3. Then click on the username and click on edit username and now enter the new user that you want to change
accordingly than save and enter your password.
4.In the event that the username is accessible and takes after the rules for custom usernames, click Create
username then click to save changes and one thing you must note that your username must consist of
alphanumeric characters (0–9, a–z)
So don't worry just go through this article and follow the steps given. This is the very simple way to change your
username on Facebook. If suffer any issue, we are here to help you in your trouble. You just need to contact
Facebook technical support phone number 1-844-5520-555.