How can I Activate Adobe Creative Cloud Applications

How can I Activate Adobe Creative Cloud Applications?
Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of apps and services developed by Adobe System. This set of applications let
the subscribers access a collection of software used for video editing, photography, web development, along
with a set of mobile applications and also some optional cloud services. Activation connects an app to a valid
user license. You must activate your applications in order to access them after buying a plan. Adobe Support
in this blog helps you to activate your application by providing the two methods. Follow any one of the
following processes:
Steps to activate the Creative Cloud desktop application
Ensure that the PC is connected to the Internet.
Give a click on the Creative Cloud icon established in the taskbar (Windows) or dock (Mac OS) to
open the desktop application.
Provide your Adobe ID (usually your email) & password if you are prompted and then hit the Sign-in
button. (If you already logged in, the Creative Cloud desktop application won’t prompt you to log-in).
When you have successfully logged in, then your license and all the installed applications and services will
activate automatically.
Steps to activate from within your Creative Cloud application
Connect your system to the Internet.
Open any application installed on your system.
Perform any one of the following:
o If prompted to Log in Provide your ID (generally your email address), and hit the Sign in
o If not prompted to Log in Select Help> Log in, give a click on Sign in now. Provide your Adobe
ID (generally your email ID) and password and then click Log in.
When you are logged-in successfully, your Creative Cloud license and all installed application and services
will activate automatically.
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