How to Add a Customer in AVG Installation Package

How to Add a Customer in AVG Installation Package?
No doubts, you can connect with the world somehow for gaining productive thing. Security and safety are the
right of everyone not only in the real world, also at every sector or stage. Everyone wants to become develop by
leg pulling others. All the organizations and employees are connected with their companies by online
All the hackers glare their eyes at yours. They extract your personal information and utilize it for bad manner.
Attackers and spyware use your bank info and details and can give you agonizing stage.
Do not need to worry or tense about company and employees information. AVG is antivirus software which is
famous for cyber security and makes protect you from theft, malicious activities, and malfunction functioning.
AVG’s analyzers review the need and give Cloud care which save your client and give online security anytime or
anywhere. It manages your account effectively and efficiently.
You can add a new customer in AVG by following given below steps or AVG antivirus support helps you to sort
your issues or doubts:
In the partner dashboard, you can see “add customer” button.
Click on it.
Here, it will require your details.
It demands your customer profile, mailing address, customer type, billing address.
Once the details are entered then press “save and select services”.
Select the services which you want to include in the subscription.
Select the numbers of units then press add to cart.
For save and exit, click on “next”.
You will successfully add new account after filling card details and make payment.
The above mention steps are much sufficient to add a new customer but it as simple as they described above.
Similarly, you can add more devices to AVG network, the user can install the application on other phone,
computer & tablets and they can invite their colleagues to join the network.
If you still did not add a new one then you can contact AVG Technical Support Number +61-283173561 for any
query or question. The team is much devoted to you, they apply their all efforts to purify your all concern, and
their availability is 24*7 hours, so you can acquire help from them whenever you prefer most. Do not be hassled,
call them and make yourself trouble free.