How can I Make a Partial Payment in QuickBooks?

How can I Make a Partial Payment in
Keeping track of your business funds and transactions is more important. After
all, then only you will be able to calculate your loss and profit. Well, it’s very
difficult to keep record of the account when you have a large business. So, in
this case, accounting software helps a lot to manage all business records. The
QuickBooks software has the ability to integrate with other programs as well. It
also integrates with MS excel which makes it easy to import data from other
sources and use in this software. With the help of this program, a user can
upload his signature and use them to prepare the checks for the business. It
saves your huge time. Isn’t it?
So, follow the given below steps to ease your work:
1. Turn On your laptop and select the icon of QuickBooks Pro 2010 from the
desktop screen.
2. When the program opens up click Customers tab from the main menu.
3. Now, select the Receive Payments category to open its more options.
4. Next, select the customer name in Received From drop down menu.
5. Press the Tab key to reach Amount section of the customer payment
6. Type the partial payment amount that the customer has given in the
Amount box.
7. Use Tab key again to reach Pmt. Method section and select the type of
payment which customer is using for his partial payment from the drop
down list.
8. Select Un-Apply Payment option and go to the Payment column and
enter the re-partial amount of the customer to apply to the second invoice.
9. Select appropriate payment type using Tab key. For checks, a user has to
enter the check number from the customer’s payment within the “Check
#” box.
Now, click “Leave this as an underpayment” option and finally,
click Save & New button to save the information for the specific customer
and reset the customer payment window.
A user can receive credit card payments from customers through this software,
but he must have QuickBooks merchant account. A user can apply for this
merchant service either over the phone or online through this program itself. You
can do a lot using this program, just need to explore and learn this software
which is not difficult at all if you use this regularly for accounting purpose.
You can get as well as solutions of any technical errors occurred on your
software. Our engineers are capable of understanding the technical complexity
that may arise using this program. So, call on our toll-free number QuickBooks
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