Aesthetic Lasers Market to Witness Robust Expansion Throughout the Forecast Period 2025

Aesthetic Lasers Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2025
The word laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In a
simpler way it is a single-wavelength high energy source of light which can be accurately focused
to a very small area. The laser which is used for treating or enhancing the beauty of an individual is
coined as aesthetic lasers. The aesthetic lasers can be broadly classified into two categories namely
ablative and non-ablative. An ablative laser works by removing the top layer of the skin by
vaporizing it where as a non-ablative laser works deeper into the skin without removing or
otherwise damaging the top layers. An aesthetic laser works through a process called as selective
photothermolysis which modulates the frequency of light to produce heat over a stipulated area
which a patient or physician wishes to destroy. The only thing which needs to be taken care of that
the wavelength of the light beam must be in synchronization with the color of the target spot or area
of focus to have the effective and desired outcomes.
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Depending upon the skin condition and type of treatment required the laser type and wavelength is
considered. For fine lines and wrinkles a combination of skin resurfacing and skin tightening
procedures can be performed using ablative lasers such as carbon dioxide lasers. For pigmentation
lesions such as sun spots or hyper pigmentation spots out of pregnancy such as melasma can be
effectively treated with the use of Nd: YAG or Fraxel lasers. For removal of skin tattoos CO2 lasers
remains a gold standard treatment option. Collagen is the key fibrous protein in the skin, tendons
and cartilages among others which help in maintain skin texture. Natural aging and such factors as
sun damage and smoking help break down the collagen layer so that the skin's once smooth surface
develops wrinkles. Damages to collagen layer can be effectively treated or rejuvenated with the help
of laser treatments.
Aesthetic lasers market has undergone rapid expansion in past few decades since the approval of
first aesthetic laser device by FDA in 1990’s. With the growing demand among consumers desiring
anti-age treatments with less downtime and advances in the technology with respect to the energy
based aesthetic devices market for aesthetic lasers are likely to grow exponentially in the coming
years. Market for hair reduction and removal is also one of the fastest growing segments in the
aesthetic laser market after skin rejuvenation and skin treatment. Intense pulse light lasers (IPL) are
also one of the most prominent laser techniques employed now a days for non-invasive rejuvenation
such as wrinkles treatment.
Geographically the market for aesthetic lasers is predominantly led by developed countries such as
the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan and others. The major reason
for growth of this market is the lack of melanin pigments which enhances the skin degradation and
ageing among caucasian people. Apart from this the presence and availability of advanced medical
and laser based treatment clinics since decades have uplifted the market in past. Market for aesthetic
lasers in Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World is among the fastest growing market due to availability
of high disposable income, inclination of people towards beauty & cosmetic treatment and
mushrooming of private labeled aesthetic centers or clinics.
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Major drivers for this market include increase in global warming leading to intense skin damage
and sun burns, increasing use of oral contraceptive among women and use of phototoxic drugs has
led to an increased prevalence of conditions such as melasma, dyschromia, rhytides, and other signs
of photoaging over the past few decades. Despite of such as optimistic future and wider application
areas the this technology has met with limited success due to post treatment side effects such as
immediate pain, reddening of the skin, bruising and swelling. Other possible side effects include the
formation of blisters, infection and burns among others.
Some of the key players in the aesthetic lasers market include Solta Medical, Inc., Zeltiq Aesthetics,
Sound Surgical Technologies LLC, Alma Lasers, Ltd. Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation among