Create and Connect to an AVG Network

Create and Connect to an AVG Network
AVG is one of the best antiviruses among all the antiviruses. It provides protection for the
devices like PC Tablets, Laptops, and Phones, etc against all kind of threats like viruses, Trojans,
malware, rootkit etc. If you use Internet Security- Unlimited, TuneUp- Unlimited, or Ultimate
and purchased a subscription for these, then provide the email address and password you used
during the purchase.
Activate your purchase
AVG Support would like to inform you that Management console will identify and recognize
your purchase remotely and will activate your product with the subscription. AVG Network can
be created for free using management console and then you can view the status of apps
installed on any connected system and Android phones or tablets. Using this, add more devices
to Network, install applications on other PCs, phones & tablets and even invite your family
members to join your network.
Invite More Devices to AVG Network
Open the application of AVG management console.
On the appeared d screen click the + button beside the device icons.
Select the type of device to send the invitation to and then hit the Continue button.
In the recipient’s email address field mention the address and hit the Continue button.
On your main console screen, a new device will appear with a Pending status until it
comes for the first time.
o A message will be sent to the provided email address, containing the installation steps
with an Invitation code.
o To install the application on the new device, follow the steps in the email.
o To connect the device to your Network, provide the invitation code into the application.
The new device will show in your app and now you will be able to manage applications on the
For any further details and queries regarding this product, you can get help from our
technicians. Just make a call to our AVG Support Number and get the best possible solutions
regarding any issue. Our team assists using the latest technology and software. You will be
guided with ease and comfort in a friendly manner by our experts. So, connect with our
specialists and get the instant help to troubleshoot all issues.