What can be Done to Reset an HP Photosmart Printer?

What can be Done to Reset an HP
Photosmart Printer?
Are you facing the ink cartridge related issues on your HP Photosmart printer? Are
you getting frequent error messages reading print jobs? Resetting printer resolves
most of your issues related to your machine and performance of your machine’s
speed also gets improved. Hp Printer Technical Support Australia would like to
inform you that reset your machine either by restoring it to its original factory
settings or by disconnecting it completely from its power source.
Perform the following steps to reset the printer:
 Verify that your Photosmart printer is turned on and from the back of the
printer disconnect the USB cable.
 Open the printer’s cover and remove the ink cartridges.
 Close the cover of your device and wait for a message to display on-screen
that reads, “Insert Ink cartridges”.
 Now you have to take out the power cord from the back of the machine.
 After one full minute reconnect the power cable to your device.
 The Device will start automatically, if it doesn’t then press the power button.
 Open the cover to re-insert the ink cartridges.
 Close the cover and reconnect the USB cable to the back of your machine.
You can choose the option of restoring factory settings:
 On the front console of your HP Photosmart printer, press the “Menu”
 On the console to find & select “Preferences”, press the Up and Down
o If you can find the option of Preferences, search for & select “Reset
All Menu Settings” or choose “Tools”, followed by “Restore factory
defaults”. These options depend on the model of your machine.
Highlight “Restore Defaults” and choose “Ok”. Your device will be
restored to its original factory settings and you will be informed on the
completion of the process.
If any issue persists while going through the above-mentioned steps or you face
any difficulty while accessing your device, you can contact Hp Printer Tech
Support @+61-283173389. Our team of well-trained technicians and highly
experienced engineers will resolve your problems with the best possible solutions.
Just make a call on our helpline number and get the instant result oriented
responses by our experts.