How to Connect Wireless EPSON Printer to PC?

How to Connect Wireless EPSON
Printer to PC?
Converting soft copy into hard copy is a piece of cake through the evolution of
printers. With the era of modernization, email print, scan to cloud and remote print
driver is possible. One such printer that is wireless, hence can be connected
anywhere is Epson printer. They are used across the world and is a Japanese based
Being the biggest developers of printer, they have many subsidiaries in different
nations manufacturing inkjet, dot matrix, robots, projectors, televisions,
multimedia, LCD components and home theatres and so on. The durability,
reliability and affordability are the components which makes it different from the
rest in the market. Epson printer never compromises with the quality it provides.
If you want to know more inbuilt pros and cons of this reliable printer, then you
must ask Epson Customer Support.
To connect your wireless printer to the PC, you need to
follow this procedure:-
The first and foremost step that every customer must do is to insert the CD and
have a look at how to configure and set up the software.
1. Know what all components of the software are required to install and select
the location where you want to install it.
2. Now, the printer is engrossed with strong network utility and projection.
3. If you have the program installed, then do not take project software.
4. Connect it to admin PC after keeping the computer power on. Check
whether the printer recognize the software or not. If it doesn’t, then connect
it using the USB cable.
5. A dialog box will appear in which you need to fill in the IP Address and
printer’s name. Create a static IP address. To prevent network conflict,
choose a static IP address.
6. Click on continue to complete the EPSON wireless printer installation.
7. It may take up to half n hour if you install all the software essentials.
8. You can install this printer on to another PC by going to Start > Hardware
and Sound > Add a Printer. Use the network printer option to connect the
If found any inconvenience during the process, call Epson Printer Helpline
Number @1-800-952-985 and get your issues solved in a couple of minutes.