How Can I Make GIFs Using Adobe

How Can I Make GIFs Using Adobe?
There are many online platforms, software available in the market which allows us to
create GIF images. Although, these type of animated picture are available in many formats
GIF is the only catch of several users.
Adobe is the major creative software provider which has got many inventive IT products in
its bucket, and Premier is one of them. Adobe’s Premier let you convert short video clips.
However, there is a restriction of size limit for making a GIF but with Premier, not a chance.
Before Adobe Support continues, make sure the Premier is installed on your system. If it is
not, visit the official site and download it or contact Adobe Helpline Number +61730674884 to know it in an understandable way.
 After getting it on your computer, click on the Start menu icon to get started.
 Here, from the program list that appears, type Adobe Premier or Premier into the
search bar and wait for a moment until it finds out.
 The program will open now.
 Now, hit Ctrl + I keys on the keyboard simultaneously to fetch the file.
 As you that, the Windows Explorer will let you browse through the folders and files of
your computer. Here, find out a video file and select it.
 After finding, click the Open button and let it import.
 Your file will display in the Project section of the screen.
 Next, click the Play button and take the first preview. It should be right under the
Source Monitor.
 To stop it, simply select the Stop button after that select the Right In Point button.
 When you are done with it; export it.
 To export, go the File menu and choose the Export tab from the drop-down list that
shows up.
 Give a name to your new file and select Animated GIF to convert it.
 At last, click Ok and save it.
There are so many things you can do with it; you can memes, personal messages and many
things. In case if you need assistance for the same or have any query related to Adobe,
reach us. Visit our website for a free live chat or dial Adobe Support Number Australia +61730674884 and get appropriate solutions.
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