How to Protect Your Gmail Account

How to Protect Your Gmail Account?
Security is a major concern in the insidious sector of Internet. This is why; Google has always put forward security
measures to ensure the privacy of the users. Gmail, a Google based Email application, has many times came
under scrutiny due to the sluggish nature of its users. But security is not something to be trifled with. Keeping this
in mind, we, at the Gmail technical support UK present you the ways to protect your Gmail account.
Step 1: Virus removal is takes precedence; run regular scans on your systems. At times, you would want to
download unscrupulous programs off the internet. It is best to NOT tempt fate and if by mistake, you have
downloaded something insidious, remove it immediately.
Step 2: Checking the account security. Gmail has bestowed us with tools to check our Gmail Accounts. To do this,
Click on My Accounts->Go to security Checkup section-> select Get Started and follow every on-screen instruction
prescribed by Google.
Step 3: Though in many email applications, updating can create a plethora of issues. But here, updating refines
the security parameters in a non-hindering way. Therefore, checking your Gmail account recovery options is
always advised. And make sure that they are periodically updated.
Step 4: Google has introduces an extra layer of security disguised as two step verification. Contrary to how it
might sound, this feature has no hassle. It entails something you know (your password) and something you have
(your OTP).
Step 5: What makes Gmail so fascinating is how much it has intertwined with the user. Spyware is always an
issue. But rather than being an Email issue, this issue stems from a user’s operating system misuse. Therefore, it
is always better to keep your systems updated at all times. This goes for the browser too. Updating, in addition to
adding new features also refines security parameters and therefore bodes well for the system.
Step 6: This step is always user dependent. A user must never ever forget his/her password. To avail for better
remembrance of these abstract but influencing entities, one must choose a simple to remember but hard to type
in password. For username, always stay away from aliases.
Step 7: Choosing the right password always takes precedence over choosing a stylish user name. Cyber-activist
Edward Snowden has suggested that using short statements always have the added benefit of security.
Statements are never the first choice for the hackers.
Step 8: Passwords should always be exclusive. You should refrain from using Google passwords for your other
user credentials. Google has security measures in place, other sites may not.
Step 9: On public workstations, extra steps should be taken for security. Optical Hacking is the most common in
such places.
So here you go folks, Simple, and easy to understand steps to add extra security to your Gmail account. If you
desire to know more about this topic the contact Gmail Customer support UK by visiting us, or calling our toll free
number 800-046-5200