Shedding Light on Onsite CRM for Solar

The solar industry has grown rapidly. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is
imperative to use CRM technology.
Onsite CRM for solar companies offers an enterprise-wide solution for tracking and
staying in touch with new and existing customers, installations, costs, marketing
efforts and everything else you need to keep you ahead of the competition and
boost your bottom line. Onsite CRM for solar companies converts leads by
dynamically accessing client information that help persuade customers to commit
on the spot, and follow up campaigns that boost successful referrals.
Software tools have dramatically changed the solar industry landscape. With CRM
technology, small-mid size companies can take advantage of these systems
to streamline & optimize solar business practices and operate like larger solar firms.
Onsite CRM can automate residential and commercial installation processes,
which allows for resources to be focused on customer service and time in the field.
Take Onsite CRM with you - its responsive design allows for technicians to pull up
the system on a tablet or mobile device to quickly access customer information.
The Onsite CRM system not only offers you excellent customer relationship
management and core sales activities, we also offer an integrated package
that can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches by managing your
contacts, leads, and jobs easily and effectively. Onsite CRM can be
customized for any size business and integrates with solar institutions
designed to keep your sales team up to date with current rebates and
programs. Access satellite views of homes with integrated google maps to
provide quick estimates, design PV solar systems based on customer
information & satellite images, and generate proposals automatically. Put all
of your project management tools into a single software with Onsite CRM.
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