How to setup an Epson Printer?

How to setup an Epson Printer?
If you have just bought your Epson printer and want to setup it, you are at the right place to start
it correctly. Firstly follow these 3 steps provided by Epson Printer Support Australia to
prepare your machine for initial setup:
a) Take an Ethernet cable, and plug its one end into the router and the other into the back of
your Printer.
b) Insert the power cable into a back of the printer and then plug into a wall socket.
c) Switch on the machine and then your printer will print a small paper providing the ID
address on it. Keep the slip safely with you as it will be needed later for setting up the
Open the Network & Control Panel Settings
a) Open a web browser.
b) Enter the IP Address from the printed ticket into the URL field.
c) On the left side of the Epson Configuration page, Click TCP/IP.
d) From the “Get IP Address” drop-down select Manual.
e) Provide an IP Address.
f) Hit the Submit button located at the bottom of the configuration table.
g) Enable the changes by clicking on Reset.
h) Sign in to the Control Panel at
i) Go to Settings and select Printer/KDS.
j) Hit the Add New button.
k) Choose the appropriate unassigned Setting.
l) Provide the name of the printer.
m) Provide the IP Address that was mentioned on the configuration page.
n) Type in the Port (generally 9100)
o) Choose Epson from the “Printer Type” drop-down menu.
p) Choose the relevant “Command Set” from the drop-down menu.
q) Choose the Correct model from the given drop-down.
r) Select Epson Graphics (2.3.5+) from the drop-down menu for image capabilities.
s) At the bottom of the page hit the Submit button.
t) Reload Settings on the frontend to enable all changes.
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you can easily get it fixed by our experts. All you need to do is dial Epson Printer Support
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