Anti Aging Market Estimated to Experience a Hike in Growth By 2025

Aging is defined as the cycle of biochemical activities in the body caused by factors which affect
body over a period internally as well as externally and leads to degeneration of body affecting
beauty, health and fitness of an individual. Because skin health and beauty is considered one of the
principal factors representing overall well-being and the perception of health in humans, several
anti-aging strategies have been developed. The anti-aging market has evolved over centuries, and
modern technology has contributed with widening its reach in products, services and devices. Antiaging products provide a market which has high adoption as it is comparatively affordable and
available than services and devices. The technological development and stringent regulations have
helped the market to regain trust and belief of customers.
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Anti-Aging Market: Drivers and Restraints
Anti-aging market is not only driven by population turning old but also by the young population
who are willing to delay the process of aging (especially with their appearance) start from their midthirties to care about their skin, hair and body. Most of the young population is experiencing drastic
environmental changes and sedentary lifestyle which has ultimately increased many problems and
have to turn them more conscious about their beauty, appearance, and health. Thus aging population
is one of the major drivers of the anti-aging market.
Anti-Aging Market: Overview
Restoring the younger looks and thereby finding solutions against signs of aging has been a mission
for cosmetologists and health care professionals for centuries. Various products and services are
perpetually entering the market to serve the agenda of restoring younger looks. The market is still
regarded as being in its evolutionary phase, and the products and services within it are often met
with skepticism by consumers. However, these factors have been mitigated to some extent thanks to
demonstrated advancement of technologies and the introduction of stringent regulations for these
products. This has reinstated the trust of consumers to a great extent.
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Anti-Aging Market: Region-wise Outlook
Regionally, the market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America
and the Middle East and Africa. North America is the leading geography for anti-aging market due
to high awareness about aging signs, the rise in obesity and sedentary lifestyle which are the major
drivers of this market. Asia-Pacific and Latin America are expected to be the next potential
destinations for anti-aging market. China, South Korea, Japan, and India are observed to be the
most attractive destinations for cosmetic surgeries and governments of these countries are
promoting medical tourism for cosmetic surgeries which is believed to be one of the market drivers
of these countries in anti-aging market. Brazil and Mexico are the major countries which are leading
the anti-aging market. The developing economies of these regions and awareness about aging signs
in men and women have made these regions as future attractive markets for anti-aging products and
Anti-Aging Market: Key Players
Some of the market players in the anti-aging market include Acorda Therapeutics, Allergan, Inc.,
Alma Lasers, Beiersdorf AG, Biotime, Inc., PhotoMedex, Inc., Solta Medical, a division of Valeant
Pharmaceuticals, Zimmer Biomet Holdings. Anti-aging market is observed to be most competitive
as the market consists of most of the established companies. Botox market is dominated by Allergan
which has the major share of this market, and it has less competition compared to other segments.
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