How to Keep Track of Owner Capital in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a prominent accounting software; a choice of millions. Using it the users can manage
their daily financial activities in a shortest possible time.
The capital of an owner refers to the total cash amount invested in by the owner while purchasing
assets or inventories. This type of amount is used to make purchases when the company is being
started. QuickBooks keeps track of the use of capital funding amount of your business. To check,
follow the steps given below by QuickBooks Support NZ. So without wasting a minute let’s get
 On the desktop, double-click the QuickBooks icon to start it.
 At the top of the screen, click the Banking tab in the main menu bar.
 Here, choose the Make Deposits button from the drop-down menu that shows up. if the
Payment to Deposit window prompts, then select the payment with the investment check
 Now, click and select the bank account of the company in which you would like to invest or
see (deposit) the entire capital amount.
 To find a particular one, input your own name or name of the co-owner in the Detail area.
 You can also enter the amount in the Amount box.
 Here, select the applicable owner equity from the list of the available accounts by clicking the
from account drop-down menu button.
 Now, you will see all stored owner capital and also can search if you need.
 Click the Save button and then choose close, if you want to record the transaction, you can or
choose Exit to exit the window.
That’s how you can keep track of owner’s capital easily. But if you face any problem while following
the above steps or need more assistance regarding this or another QuickBooks matter, and then feel
free to reach us. Dial our QuickBooks Tech Support Number +64-099509151. Here, we have a
team of well-trained people who will only not make the steps easily but also will provide additional