How to Solve Canon Printer Error code B200?

How to Solve Canon Printer Error code
If your Canon Printer has an error code B200, then it needs to be fixed
immediately. It is not a common error, so need to be fixed soon before facing
future consequences. To deal with this problem, follow the given steps.
Here you go!
Step 1: Remove all cartridges
Eject all ink cartridges from the Canon Printer carefully. Remove individually by
opening the front cover of the machine.
Step 2: Remove the Print Head
Lift the orange/gray locking lever on the side of the cartridge cradle and then
gently lift the print head form the machine. This may help to fix the issues of the
Step 3: Reinstall the Print Head
When all the observation and cleaning is done, gently put the Print Head back into
the position and lock it.
Step 4: Reinstall All Cartridges
Now, you have to reinstall the cartridges back into the machine and close any
open cover. This is to make sure that the Canon Printer is inspecting the
reinstalled cartridges and Print Head for any issues with them.
Step 5: Unplug the machine
Sometimes, this issue caused by the power supply. Unplug the power cable from
the socket and the printer and connect it back after waiting for 5 minutes. This will
cool the printing machine and all the remaining electricity will leave the machine
Step 6: Perform a Nozzle Check or Cleaning Cycle
Clean the nozzle on a regular basis. The error code B200 on this printer does not
occur until the machine actively tries to use the Print Head. Regular maintenance
is necessary for the smooth functioning of the machine.
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