How to Minimize Tracking Using AVG Antivirus

How to Minimise Tracking Using AVG
Tracking allows hackers to record everything you do on the web, giving them access to your personal
information/ data, such as financial information and passwords can lead to severe damage. If you suspect
your computer is becoming infected and malicious with viruses, install a reliable protection such as AVG
Perhaps you know that your ISP or websites keep track of how you are using them. But the giant
networks like Google and Facebook keeps tracking; follow you around to serve you with relevant
advertising content. Like us, not everyone is with the ideology behind these tracking. If you are one of
these people and looking for an optimal solution, read on to find out how to minimize tracking using AVG
 Download AVG security from its official website. Visit and click the
Download button.
 Give a location to save the downloaded file, choose Save File and download the software.
 If you have the installation CD you can use it. Place the disc into the CD-writer and run it on your
 Now, Enter Safe Mode to the security software on your infected PC.
 Disconnect all peripheral devices and disc connected, and then restarts the machine.
 Press the F8 key to enter in the Advance Boot Options.
 Navigate through arrow keys to select Safe Mode and press the Enter button.
 Double-click the program and choose Run to install. (for free)
 Open your AVG security and select complete scan to thoroughly scan your PC.
 To see detected viruses, go to the quarantine tab.
 Make sure to enable Windows Firewall as this prevents tracking bugs. To enable go to the Control
 In the Control Panel, locate Firewall and click the Turn on button to activate it.
 At last, save settings and exit the current window.
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