How Can I Give Access To My Gmail Account Without Sharing Password

How Can I Give Access To My Gmail
Account Without Sharing Password?
Suppose you are outside for the vacation and want to grant your Gmail Account access to someone
who can reply to some emails, can inform you about the important things and fix an appointment on
your behalf. Then there’s a simple solution to this is to hand over your Gmail password and make
things easier for you. Let’s learn how this thing can be made possible.
Follow the given steps:
Log-in to your Gmail account by filling up necessary details from your favorite browser.
Navigate to Settings gear icon on the top right corner of the screen.
Click Settings from the drop-down list and then move to Accounts and Import tab.
Now, go to link titled as “Add another account” under the section Grant access to your
5. Type an email address in the given box which you delegate your emails rights to and click
Next Step. Make sure that it should be a Gmail address.
 Once you do this, a confirmation email will be sent to that particular email Id.
 Complete the verification process. Wait for 30 minutes for Google to set up the
request. It may take less time also but here I’m mentioning the maximum time.
6. Once the agent has verified your request, he will be visible under the Grant access to your
account section.
So, that’s how a user can delegate his email address to another Google Mail user. To access the
delegated account, the user has to open his inbox of this account and make a click on the profile
picture. If the delegated process was successful, then he will see the delegated email address there.
The user just needs to select it to open the inbox in a new tab.
Please note that the agent will not have complete access to the email account. He can simply read
and send emails using it. For the further details and queries, connect with Gmail Support Number
Ireland by dialing our helpline number +353-766042738. Get every possible solution form our
experts by just making a single call to us.