Medical Waste Management Market..

Medical Waste Management Market : Segmental Highlights and Table of Content (2015 - 2023)
Medical Waste Management Market: Significant Rise in Demand Owing to Strict Rules for
Emission, Disposal, and Recycling of Hospital Waste
According to a TMR analyst, there is a wide scope of growth in the U.S. medical waste
management market, with various opportunities for success. It is expected to be worth US$7,994.6
mn by the end of 2023. Based on type, the non-infectious type of waste is anticipated to dominate
the market as the largest segment. The segment held 63% of total market share in year 2014. In
terms of revenue, it is expected to be evaluated worth US$4.922.1 by the end of the forecast period,
2023. The market share of pathological and infectious waste in 2014 was calculated to be secondlargest in the market with 22.6%.
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The Medical Waste Management Market is segmented on the basis of expression system, by
Type, application, region.
The U.S. medical waste management market has witnessed a tremendous growth in past few years.
However, there are certain factors that are likely to pull down the market growth of medical waste
management. The waste management process involves lot of capital to be invested, as the procedure
focuses on dumping of contaminated material and managing harmful by-products. The disposal and
recycling process includes the emission of dangerous gases and compounds that are foreseen to
disturb the environment and ecosystem. Nevertheless, keeping all the drawback in consideration,
various non-incineration technologies have been introduced in recent past such as non-ionization
treatment, steam autoclave treatment, and many other chemical treatments as well.
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Summary of Table of Content :
1. Preface
2. Executive Summary
3. U.S. Medical Waste Management Market– Market Overview
4 Market Segmentation – Medical Waste Management: by Type of Waste
5 Market Segmentation – By Geography
6 Market Segmentation - Pharmaceutical Waste Management Market: by Category
7 Market Segmentation - Pharmaceutical Waste Management: by Types
8 Market Segmentation - Pharmaceutical Waste Management: by Substance Generator
9 Recommendations
10 Company Profiles
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