Getting Started with AVG Antivirus Software

Getting Started with AVG Antivirus Software
To maintain security of a system it is critical to install antivirus software. They are programs designed to protect
your data from any invasion. AVG antivirus is one such antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies to
detect and malicious programs that may corrupt your system.
You can anytime install the antivirus software available for windows, Mac and android from their website. We
have listed some things you make require as a beginner.
Creating your own Account
Visit AVG MyAccount
Go on to click create my AVG MyAccount.
Fill in your email address and a password.
Then you need to open your email and click on the link sent for account activation
You will be directed to the login page where you can enter your password and your AVG MyAccount
home page will open
● Your account is created.
Worry not if you forget your password for your account or your account gets locked.
Unlocking your AVG Account
● Open the login page
● Click on forgot password?
● You need to fill in your email address and select I’m not a robot and click Submit.
● Check your email; you will receive a link to reset your account Password.
● Choose a new password and then click confirm.
● You will be logged into your Account page.
You can even cancel you AVG Subscription by following simple steps, in case you need to.
Cancelling your Subscription
First you will have to open your confirmation mail of the purchase made. You will find a link in the email
that talk about how to cancel your subscription. Click on that link.
Two things are likely to happen. Either an Unsubscribe link will open and clicking on it will cancel your
subscription or a web-page will open up and you will have to click yes on page.
You will receive an email with for Subscription cancellation request.
Click the confirmation link in the email to Unsubscribe.
If you have any queries and Technical support you can contact our AVG Support Number +61-283173561 for
assistance. There are officials who will help you resolve your problem.
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