How to Record Partial Payment in QuickBooks?

How to Record Partial Payment in QuickBooks?
Partial Payment is the fixed percentage of the actual amount that is less than the
full amount claimed by the creditor. It can be the installment payment or part of
the payment for incomplete work. The QuickBooks one of the most widely used
accounting software provides you with the option to pay the payment partially
instead of full payment. It is beneficial for those users who are unable to pay the
full amount at that period of time, but they are still able to make payment at least
a portion of payment versus none of it.
So here QuickBooks support Ireland provides you with the solution by which you
can readily accomplish this task, you just need to follow these steps, discussed
 Click on the “QuickBooks” icon to launch the program.
 Click on the “customers” button, which is at the top right side your window.
A complete list will open.
 Select “receive payments” from the option.
 Select the customers from which you are receiving the payment in the box
“received form”
 Go to the “amount” field using the tab key.
 Enter the partial payment that customer has made in the “amount” field.
 Select the “pmt” and then type of payment from this menu using the tab
 Click on the “un-apply payment” button above the button “discount &
 Go to the “payment” section again and re-type the partial amount, it will be
applied to the second invoice.
 Make sure your payment type is selected and then select “leave this as an
underpaid” button when the program states “underpayment (partial
payment amount)”.
Click “save & new” button to record partial payment and reset the customer
payment window for the new customer.
These are the steps our experts have explained you. It appears easy but there
might be the possibility of errors in case of some other additional issue you face
with this application. Therefore in case of any glitch, it is always better to get in
touch with the experts. So feel free to contact our experts via toll-free QuickBooks
support Ireland +353-766803285. They will not only help you with this issue but
also provide you with a well-described solution in case of some other similar
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