How to Turn Off AVG Antivirus on A Temporary Basis

How to Turn Off AVG Antivirus on A Temporary Basis?
We quickly turn our heads whenever we hear something is available for free and get excited to grab the
opportunity. And how great and convenient it sounds, when online security is accessible for free of cost.
Depending upon the version you are using, AVG antivirus offers both free and paid security and protection from
viruses and other threats. But sometimes these freely available things can irritate you when you least expect
them. Your antivirus can be really annoying if it hampers the installation of legitimate program, so the only
solution left is disabling the entire program plus you can also discontinue any particular protection as well. It
seems a good idea of keeping the antivirus but only disabling like Web Browsing protection only.
Disable individual protection
a. Access the software. Select the protection you want to disable. For instance select ‘Identity’ if you want
to disable AVG’s Identity protection.
b. For disabling the software, click on ‘Enabled’ which will directly change to ‘Disabled’. Click disabled for
re-enabling the services.
c. For returning to AVG antivirus main page select the Back arrow or click X available at the corner to hide
the program.
Disabling all protections
a. After accessing AVG Antivirus and select the ‘Options’ drop down menu. Then click on ‘Advanced
Options’ entry.
b. From the navigation panel select ‘Temporarily Disable AVG Protection’. Tap on the button with the
same name.
c. Use ‘Disable AVG for’ from the drop down box after reading the displayed warning and can choose the
time till which you want to disable the security. Tap on Until Restart option for disabling the security
until the device restarts again. Then select OK when you are done. Click ‘Enable AVG Protection’ to set it
up before the set time runs out.
With the above steps you can accordingly disable the antivirus software alerts and can continue without getting
Similarly you can uninstall AVG PC TuneUp
Call AVG Support Australia if you are unable to discontinue the antivirus notifications. The user just needs to
drop a call at AVG Support Phone Number +61-283173561 and let the experts resolves your all issues and
errors. We assure you to get the appropriate solution without wasting a single minute after reaching us. You can
also contact us via live chat or email where we are available for 24/7 at your service.