How to Take a Screenshot with a MacBook

How to Take a Screenshot with a MacBook?
The Screenshot is a program that allows you to capture whatever is viewed on your system screen.
Suppose you are purchasing something online or you see some technical issue on your computer screen, in
that case, you don’t need to download it. You can simply take a screenshot for further evidence. MacBook
is a brand of notebook computer produced by Apple. It offers screenshot application that captures the
entire screen and saves it on the desktop.
So here Apple support Ireland provides you a complete procedure by which you can readily accomplish
this task. So go ahead and follow the procedure;
This process could be same for all version of MacBook.
 Keep the documents/contents on the screen that you want to take a screenshot. Try to keep it at
the center of the screen.
 Press the “command-shift-4”. Now your cursor becomes a crosshair.
 Take your cursor to the corner of the screen where you want your picture to start.
 Select the content with the help of the mouse, a rectangle will appear in your selected part. Adjust
and cover the whole where you want to take a screenshot. You can move the Rectangle by pressing
the space bar.
 Around the selection center, resize the Rectangle by pressing the option key and move the cursor.
 Constraint the selected rectangle if needed by pressing the “Shift” key.
 Now release all the key including mouse, screenshot will appear on the system screen with the
name of picture1 or something like this.
 To review your screenshot, double-click on it.
 You are done with the task now.
Taking a screenshot comparatively easy task, but sometimes it might be difficult in case of some other
issue with your system or MacBook program. So it is always better to get in touch with our highly
experienced experts by Contact Apple Macbook Support Number +353-766803285. They will not only
help you in this case but also provide you a complete solution in some other similar issue.