Use Whatsapp for Effective Business Advertisement

Use Whatsapp for Effective Business
Here in this article we are sharing some ways for your small business promotion.
You can use WhatsApp and promote your business easily. You can get benefit
from new Status feature to promote your services and products, and better
connect with your clients.
Client Support
Small scale businesses give a lot of services, and if you are a carpenter, electrician,
or repair computers, you can make impressive video presentations and easily sell
on whatsapp. These can be very effective and you can do your own.
The client support system can even extend to live-video assistance or tutorials to
repair something or give suggestion. It will make your business a consistent
resource that customer can use, and when they want comprehensive services, you
would be well placed to be the one they call at start. You can also search
whatsapp group and spread your service to a huge number of people.
There are 70% people that are opening their WhatsApp messages immediately. So
in its place of calling people for feedback, you can make some questions for your
group members that will give answers that are related to your company. It is best
marketing research and it is completely free. It will be beneficial for you to join
whatsapp community so inform more than a few people at once.
With the response you get from your clients, you can react to their requests and
get better the services and products you provide. By making entertaining and
creative questionnaires, you can contact with your clients in a way which is not
disturbing. And their contribution can be of high value that can be pleased with
special coupons and offers to encourage future commitment, long term client
retention and brand loyalty. There are different whatsapp group available, you
just need to find whatsapp groups as per your needs and start sending your
Personal Contact
When your WhatsApp group develops, you can make the person interaction with
your clients using direct communication. It is mainly crucial for small size
companies, as you can have a direct association, where clients can message you in
case they want a specific product, have a query or need too much support.
You can use WhatsApp on your computer, tablet or Smartphone, so you would be
able to discuss to your clients anytime if you prefer to make yourself easily
Targeting and Creating Groups
Probably, your small size business focuses in a specific service or product, and to
create whatsapp group you can easily increase your client base.
In case you have produced video content and give live client support, people will
share it with their contacts that are outside of the Whatsapp group. It can lead to
more number of users using the content, attending the group and ultimately even
becoming clients.
Extraordinary Access
The capability of immediate interaction of Status indicates you can give special
access to events you are planning to hold and send a live promotion feed. In case
you have a special chef in your hotel or restaurant, a performer in your music
shop or a famous architect in your company, you can share this information with
your viewers.