What To Do When AVG Crashes Your Computer?

What To Do When AVG Crashes Your
A computer crashing could be an alert for you. There could be several things or reasons behind
freezing up. Maybe this is an indication for a serious hardware or software damage/failure, or just
could be the affect of running a buggy application/software.
According to AVG Support Canada, many users have complained that AVG is making their
computer to crash occasionally. We understand this situation. That’s why we’ve bundled up with
solutions to mitigate these severe issues for good. Here, we AVG Antivirus Support will cover
every basic to advanced fixes in order to tackle the dire straits of this very situation. No matter
what’s the reason, we will cover everything you needed.
 A better way to recover your crashed machine is with an AVG’s rescue CD or flash drive
(pen drive). Therefore, use a fully functional computer to create the CD.
 It would be better, if you use the new disc, as the newly created will allow your system to
fetch the files quickly.
 Once you create the CD, put back into the DVD/CD writer.
 Wait a few minutes, once the Rescue operation is launched, go to panel of all controls, ie
Control Panel.
 Under the list, click Utilities to open it.
 Now, click the File Manager option to get into the settings.
 Using the Rescue Manager, navigate to the affected hard drive. (You may found the
location by entering ‘/mnt/sda1/’ in address bar of your computer.
 Here, navigate to the AVG folder, the folder can be found under C:’s program files.
 Now, choose the grisoft folder to continue.
 Rename the folder; enter AVG in the text field.
 You can close File Manager, eject the CD from the writer and allow your computer to
restart normally.
Pro Tip: Always keep your AVG antivirus up-to-dated to prevent future system crashes.
If you encounter any issue; have more queries regarding this or other matters, you can contact
AVG Technical Support. Here our experts have got a keen eye for details and years of
experience under their belt. Just call AVG Customer Support Number Canada @1-855-2534222 today and you will be blown away by their work excellence and proven customer service.