cryo therapy a chilling rejuvenation

Cryo Therapy A Chilling
Until a few years ago people just expected to get old and wrinkled, unless you were a movie
star. The next thing we hear is all about something called collagen- ahh the fountain of youth
has been discovered. Sadly, it isn’treplaced as easily as hoped and the number of methods to
maintain beautiful skin has grown exponentially. Injections of botox, or botulism, surgical
facelifts (if successful) and painful abrasive techniques seem to be the flavour of the year for
looking young again.
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Its function is to protect vital organs
and replace dead cells to maintain strong connections between the bones and ligaments,
tendons and muscles. Collagen also preserves blood vessel structures and skin elasticity.
How to Grow Collagen
The question is how do you stimulate a natural reproduction of this miraculous protein and
place it where you want it? Thankfully extreme cold can cause a surge in collagen production.
Cryotherapy allows a safe exposure to dry cold temperatures that boost the restoration system
of the body.
Reproducing collagen requires a healthy flow of nutrient-enriched blood. That is why cryo
therapy works so well to relieve pain, inflammation, and healing. The rapid constriction of
vessels during treatment is followed by a rapid dilation and increased blood flow. This sudden
increase reduces toxins and increases the nourishing minerals needed to invigorate the
collagen production system.
Whole body cryo therapy is efficient, safe and although cold, not uncomfortable. It takes only 3
minutes to replenish the enzymes and nutrients the body needs so badly. The immediate results
are surprising. Aches and pains seem to have disappeared, the customers boast of an
unexpected burst of energy, and skin tightening has begun.
Cryo therapy has been used in medical procedures for years to remove warts, treat psoriasis
and eczema and small skin tags. Clinical studies over a period of ten years support customer
Anyone that grimaces at the mirror in the morning should give cryo therapy a try, it is well
worth it.