How to Manage Direct Deposit for Employees in QuickBooks Desktop?

How to manage direct deposit for employees in
QuickBooks Desktop?
A Direct Deposit Authorization is must to be filled for the employees who wish to
direct deposit and should also provide you with a blank check from their slip.
These things are for the user’s record only; it’s not needed to submit to
QuickBooks Desktop. Now, follow the below steps carefully:
 Select Employees in QuickBooks Desktop and click on Employee Center to
open your employee list.
 Double-click the name of the employee.
 Select the tab of Payroll info.
 Hit the Direct Deposit button.
 Select Use Direct Deposit for [employee’s name] in the Direct
Deposit window.
 Select the number of accounts: Use 1 Account or Use 2 Accounts.
 Type the financial information of employees like Bank name, Routing
NO., Account No. and Account Type.
 Now for two accounts: In the Optional field mention the amount or
percentage that the employee wishes to deposit to the first account. The
remainder will be sent to the second account.
 To save the information hit the OK button.
QuickBooks Support would like to inform you that the next paycheck you will
create for the employee will be marked for direct deposit. You must delete the
created paycheck which you haven’t sent and then recreate it. You can also locate
and open the wrong paycheck in the register, Untick the check mark besides
using Direct Deposit, tick the check mark beside the same option, confirm the
correct info has been added or saved.
To change employee’s current information:
On the same page where you set the employee’s bank account info, you update it
also. It must be done before creating a paycheck for the employees. Paychecks that
were created before updating the information will be saved to the old bank
account. To avoid this, paychecks can be deleted and recreated before sending
them to QB or you can attempt the following steps:
 Open the paycheck and select the Paycheck Details.
 In the appeared window untick the box beside Use Direct Deposit
option and click Save.
 Click on Save & Close and open the paycheck again.
 Choose the option of Use Direct Deposit and save the made changes.
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