Troubleshooting Paper Jam For Single Sided Print From HP Printer

Troubleshooting Paper Jam For Single
Sided Print From HP Printer
HP is one of the best leading companies for manufacturing printers with some fantastic
features. HP introduced LaserJet printers which became the world’s largest desktop laser
printer. Its products are used in a wide range across the globe. But sometimes users may come
across some issues which can occur in any printer. HP Printer Support Australia in this blog
helps you in resolving Paper jam issues, which you may encounter while getting a single-sided
print. Follow the below-provided methods carefully:
 Clear jams from output bin:
 Check the output bin area and Open it.
 Hold the paper from both sides and pull it out of the machine slowly. Loose toner
might be present on the sheet so be careful while taking it out so that it doesn’t
spill on the product or yourself.
 Now the close the output bin and if the issue still persists that means the paper is
still stuck in the printer, check and take it out carefully.
 Check the Maintenance Kit Life of Printer:
 Print a Supplies Status Page:
 On the Printer control panel, press the Home button.
 Click Supplies and the status of all supply items will appear on the screen.
 Select Manage supplies to print a report of the status of all supply items
like the genuine HP part number for setting the supply and then select
Print Supplies Status.
Note: If replacement of maintenance items is needed it will be indicated then
order the Maintenance Kit.
 See Maintenance Kit status through Embedded Web Server:
 Enter the IP address of your machine in your internet browser.
 Click on Information Tab.
 To get an overview of the current status of your supplies Choose
“Supplies Status page”
 Display the Maintenance Kit Status on the Control Panel of the machine:
 Use the Home button on the product control panel.
 Click on Supplies.
Status will appear on screen for all supply items.
If you come across any problem or issue while accessing your Printer, you can get it fixed easily
and quickly. The team of well-trained technicians and highly experienced engineers will assist
you with the informative and appropriate solutions regarding any issue. For further details and
guidance, call Hp Printer Technical Support Australia at +61-283206004. So what are you
waiting for? You are just a call away to talk to experts for getting suitable and satisfactory
answers. Get support and grab the most out of the service provided exclusively for you.