Refrigerator Buying Guide

Freeze Wisely!
Life is full of Choices
If you are a bachelor who has just moved out of your parents place or a newly wed
setting up your new house, a refrigerator is one of the very first purchases. If
you’re bewildered about how to go about buying a refrigerator, here’s a buying
guide to assist you get the right one since there are multiple choices. And getting
the right fit for your nest can be a daunting task if you are not sure what to look for.
How did we get here?
Until the beginning of the 20th century, preserving
was done through the traditional means of
refrigeration. People were limited to buying fresh
food and use daily. But population explosion, time
constraints, moving away from an agrarian based
community, industrialization and centralized
buying channels contributed to the greater need
for buying in bulk and preserving perishable items
for longer. This in turn contributed to the spurt in refrigerator sales.
One can’t do without it as it keeps the food fresh for longer and in favorable
temperatures these items also maintains the moisture. And now we have a wide
range from colors and capacity to shelf configuration and even touch screens.
Why am I reading this?
Buying a refrigerator is a big investment and an essential one. So we need to be
well informed before making a call. And here we are to help you out with all the
details and tick the checkboxes from the list.
This appliance comes in so much variety so make a list of what all features you
would want in your own refrigerator. Refrigerator comes in a wide range of styles
and designs, you can easily find one to suit your home decor and space.
Things to keep in mind while buying a refrigerator- Features and Factors & budget.
You can find these in an electronics store or on online sites like with
additional discounts.
Whether you like the traditional side by side doors or the French door, this guide
helps you to find the right model.
Start off by asking yourself some basic questions about lifestyle, family
and culinary preferences.
So from basic to feature rich models, these are the main types :
All Fridge Refrigerator
Ever felt like your freezer was a waste of
space, you can go for an ‘all-fridge
refrigerator’. Why you’d want it ? They will
give you ample fridge-only storage space
for fresh food. You may want this if you’re
not interested in freezing anything or
consider another model if you freeze food
Top Freezers
All of us have seen this at someone’s house before
which are keenly priced in contrast to the fancy ones. It
takes up about a third of the unit size. Why you’d want it?
Allows a lot of space or if you don’t want to bend down to
get to the freezer or you prefer the traditional look , this
one fits perfectly. One of the drawbacks faced here is
during the installation, as it takes space to allow the door
to fully open.
French Doors
This falls under the most expensive models, it gives users
the best of both worlds. Inherent of wide shelves in both
sections, it has enough space to store anything for a large
Some featuring three doors and others featuring four, it
also has extra features like through-the-door water and ice
French refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing. Two doors
swing open and has a freezer drawer below. Why you’d
need it? French doors are mainly for the storage of a large
extended family and two doors give more convenience.
Drawback: Tends to be on the larger side.
Side By Side Freezers
This is a new entrant in the list. if you’re eyeing for
something unique and sleek, you will definitely stop
by it . These are the high ranged freezers where you
get both the fridge and the freezer but each takes up
one side. FYI, it ranges from 32-36 inches and built in
exterior door features. Why you’d need it? facing
some space issue in your kitchen? Then you’ll love
this narrow esthetic design having enough
compartments on both sides. Go buy it if you want as
much freezer space as fridge space
Mini Wine Coolers
Delineated specifically to keep drinks cool
and range from basic, compact models to
elaborate, full-size refrigerators with enough
space to store hundreds of bottles. You can
place the wine coolers under your counter or
in a bar area to keep your wine at the perfect
Now that you’ve narrowed
down your choices in what
type you need, start off by
asking yourself some basic
questions about lifestyle,
family and culinary
preferences; few things to think
about what features you'd like
to see in what you buy!
Size That Matters!
For many homeowners,
the capacity you need
will vary, depending
upon the size of your
family, how much you
eat , married or
unmarried. Obviously
you need to be certain
that the fridge you want
will actually fit in your
kitchen . Measure, then
measure again
Importance Of The Inside
Many luxurious refrigerators give
homeowners the ability to maintain
different temperatures within the
same refrigerator. Additionally, those
who throw large parties may want to
look for models that offer flexibility in
their shelving configurations.
Smart Refrigerators
Too busy cooking? You’ll need a smart
refrigerator to store that.
Some new refrigerators have built-in touch
screens that can keep track of the food in
your fridge. They haven’t been around
for long but they’re really picking up in the
refrigerator market-cameras inside to give
you a full view of your contents..
Water and ice in door: Automatic filtered water and ice is a big plus when it
comes to your kitchen, and you can have that option right on your refrigerator
Whirlpool and Samsung are consistently high in consumer satisfaction surveys.
There are a number of great trustworthy and reliable refrigerator brands on the
market nowadays.Keep in mind what “after sales services” each brand offers .
Some popular brands would beIf you are in the market for the best top freezer refrigerator, head to LG
Also, the most highly rated side by side refrigerator is from LG
Samsung shows the best smart refrigerators with touch screen and ice dispenser
You can also look up brands like haier, electrolux, other models from LG,
SAMSUNG, Whirlpool.
Lastly, be sure of the warranty of the fridge because it's usually once in a decade