How to Choose the Right BBQ

How to Choose the Right BBQ
There’s nothing better than a good ole fashioned BBQ. All your friends and
family drop over and the fun starts, the only problem is if your BBQ can
only hold four good sized burgers. This jolly gathering may soon turn into
an angry, hungry mob.
BBQ’s are not one size fits all. A small portable is perfect for tailgate parties
or camping. But if the plan is to feed several people a larger model works
Let’s start with the balcony variety. These grills are small but convenient for
a couple of folks. The size is ideal for storing, and they get the job done.
The prices vary but are usually quite affordable.
Moving up in the world of BBQ is the medium-sized products. These grills
are commonly purchased for family feedings. The fuels of choice are
charcoal or gas. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.
Now, the party sized BBQ is not only suitable for large groups-but they are
also impressive to look at. They cook the food evenly and normally have
several accessories not available on smaller units. They take a bit more
space and cleaning but wow, are they worth it!
Features That Matter
The finishes should be a huge factor. Some look great in the store, but after
a few uses, they look like they should be tossed. Stainless steel is durable,
but maintenance is mandatory. They often discolour withheat and liquids.
Painted surfaces just flake off after a couple of cookouts. Just be sure to
ask how to keep it pristine.
Hotplates, smokers, and variable heat sections are some of the best
elements. Decide which ones suit your cooking style. Perhaps a rotisserie
is more in line?
With gas grills, it is essential that the controls be permanently and clearly
marked. Many companies place little stickers or paint, which fades quickly which is dangerous and wasteful if the gas is on and no one knows it.
Decide how much the budget will hold, how many mouths there are to feed,
then go shopping.
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