Roll Out Of The 70s

It’s time to jazz up your look for the
70’s are back again!!
Freedom, feminism and rock n’ roll! Everything in the 70s was dictated by the
mindset and lifestyle of the era. Fashion was no different. The tight strings of
the corseted 60s were cut open to an age of bold prints and vibrant colours. At
its core, the era screamed love, liberation and indifference. The decade was
cloaked in the hippies, punks & bohemian chic styles.
Like they say, fashion always has a way of bouncing back. So it’s no surprise
that retro is the new contemporary. Women everywhere are now following the
former trend and it seems every day is a throwback for them. This significant
comeback trend of the anti-conformist 70s style with modern tweaks is evident
with the return of the platforms, high-ties and fringe sandals.
So if you have hesitated to try on those enticing retro footwear because you
don’t know what to team it up with, get ready to step onto the bandwagon with
these easy style leads.
Fringed sandals: This 70s inspired fringed sandals are what every girl should
own. This has to be a staple in every girl’s shoe rack. It is good to head for this
pair of fringes especially when it’s summer because it gives a fresh look in this
hot weather. Not only is the fringe style trending in shoes but also in bags to
make any outfit standout.
Pro Tip: These can usually be paired with a pair of jeans or a cute dress, or pair
it with an overall and add a pop of color with the fringed sandals.
Platform Heels: What mostly shouts out 70s are the platform heels, and
those are coming back , replacing the pointy uncomfortable ones. In those
times, platform heels meant the bigger the better but now platforms are also
being combined with sleek heels.
Platform heels were for men as well as women . Yes! Don’t be surprised
.Wearing this looked effortless in that era and continues till date.
Pro Tip: The best outfit to pair this up would be with a maxi dress giving
us perfect height.
Bring out the Boho: Boho chic describes a style which is flowy and
women of those times believed in colorful shoes from intricate artwork and
details to woven stitching, this boho look never goes out of fashion.Boho
shoes aced the shoe game and raised the bars. This look seems very easy
to assemble but all it takes is an unstructured ethos of hippie life. Boho
shoes can be a party stealer at concerts, night out or everyday during the
Pro tip: How do you pair this up? With earthy tones and flared clothes,
boho is what you need. Don’t forget your junk jewellery!
Chunky Wooden Heels: If you’ve ever owned a pair of flats or heels
you’ve regretted buying or took a week’s time to think before throwing a
favourite pair, this is it.
These chunky wooden heels are here for your rescue. Pair it up with flared
denims and you are good to go.
Pro Tip: always bring in comfort before style! So always try to reach for a
pair with a supportive sole , low arch and thick heel.
Western Boots: The trend of the western boots had taken over the fashion
industry in the 60’s but from the 70s the cowboy boots completed the western
look. Everyone wanted to get that country look perfect. Surprisingly, this is
back in the trend owing to the fact that it creates its own style and
Pro Tip: Western boots are meant for high waisted denims and jackets. So,
don’t give a second thought to it!
Pro tip: Be bold enough to carry out the 70’s look with a pair from that era and
stick to that 70’s style that best describes your personality, you will never go
Also don’t forget to incorporate your own details to create that unique
look and set trends