Top Six Web Design Tips for eCommerce Website

E-commerce is the way to sell products these days. Almost every day a new E –
commerce website comes into the market offering new products being
presented and marketed in a new way. Nowadays every person prefers to shop
online, since it is a simple process and one of the best ways to save money and
time. Once you decide to sell your products online; you need an attractive and
informative website. The website should be attractive usable and customerfriendly because if a customer doesn’t like your website, he/she simply looks for
another e-commerce website to buy the products. Create a good and attractive
website so that more and more people come on your website to purchase
products and get information.
A Singapore Website Design Company shares some important web design tips
that help for designing attractive ecommerce websites.
Create Action and Simple Sign-up Bottom –
This is the most important thing when you are building an e-commerce website,
avoid make a lengthy signup form. Make a simple sign-up form so that people can
successfully register to your website with a few basic details that are just necessary
to conduct business. Also create call-to-action buttons as this helps in building
higher conversion and improves site usability. You can design an attractive bottom
and use the best colors, font, and size in the website background. If the ecommerce website is attractive and easy to find it will have better chances of
attracting customers and retaining the old ones.
Search Functions –
This is the second most important thing when you are building an e-commerce
website, create search functions. Search functionality helps the customers to find
products easily. When you add products in their website make sure to add every
necessary information’s like – refine category, product name and descriptions.
These little things help customers to find products and their information easily and
makes their shopping experience more satisfying.
Use Good Quality Images –
E-commerce is all about purchasing a product online. Web design is a show off of
your product’s images to create a solid effect on your target audience. Add clear
pictures of your products within the e-commerce website and make sure the
facility of zooming in on an image exists. Add quality photos and more photos,
when you add more photos it helps to attract more and new customers.
Easy to Navigate –
When you are creating a large e-commerce website, it should have proper
categorization of the products that it carries. Make sure to create easy steps to
find each and every product so that customers can easily find what they are
looking for. Use the breadcrumb design feature, breadcrumbs help to makes
website navigation a smooth and easy process.
Add Social Media Accounts –
When you are building a website make sure to add social media buttons on the
website. This is the best approach to attract people on your social media account.
They can easily find your social media pages and should be able to leave
comments and reviews on the page.
Add Shopping Cart Option –
When you are building an e-commerce website, make sure the shopping cart
should be visible on every page. The shopping cart helps people to choose the
right product. The shopping cart is helpful for customers to check the cost,
number of items added, and suggestions for cross selling and up selling.
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