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Global Market Study on Dimer Acid: Asia Pacific Regional Market to Hold High Value Share
Throughout the Forecast Period
According to the latest report published by Persistence Market Research, the global dimer acids
market is anticipated to expand at a moderate CAGR of 4.1% over the forecast period (2017-2025)
to reach a valuation of US$ 711 Mn by 2025-end. Global consumption of dimer acid stood at
256,000 MT in 2016 this figure is expected to increase to around 351,509 MT by 2025-end.
Increasing demand for hot-melt adhesives and flexographic inks is expected to reflect positively on
the global sales of the dimer acid over the next couple of years.
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The focus remains on offering a wider-rang of application-specific products with higher purity
standards. Kraton Corporation, Croda International Plc., Oleon NV, Emery Oleochemicals,
Florachem Corporation., Jarchem Industries Inc., Aturex Group, Shandong Huijin Chemical Co.
Ltd, Shandong Huijin Chemical Co. Ltd, Shandong Huijin Chemical Co. Ltd, Jiangsu Yonglin
Oleochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Longwell Industrial Co., Ltd., and Jinan Tongfa resin Co., Ltd are
some of the leading companies operating in the global dimer acid market. Many of these companies
are entering into agreements with local suppliers to strengthen supply chain, at the same time
emphases is also given to expanding production capacity.
Standard Dimer Acid to Dominate the Global Dimer Acid Market
Global consumption of the standard dimer acid is estimated to reach 211,097 MT by the end of
forecast period. In recent years, consumption of standard dimer acid has been substantially high in
Asia Pacific. Demand for distilled & hydrogenated dimer acid is also expected to increase at a
noteworthy pace owing to its superior quality standard and high resistance to oxidation and heat.
This product type segment is projected to register relatively faster CAGR as compared to standard
and distilled segments.
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Application of Dimer Acid to remain Concentrated in Non-Reactive Polyamide Resins and Reactive
Polyamide Resins Manufacturing .By application, the non-reactive polyamides resins segment is
expected to account for a 41.7% value share of the global dimer acid market by 2017-end. Dimer
acid based non-reactive polyamides are used in the production of inks and adhesives, whereas the
reactive polyamide variants are used in the production of epoxy curing agents and polyurethanes.
Growth in construction sector and other end use sectors, such as packaging, and automotive is
expected to fuel the demand for dimer acids during the forecast period.
Asia Pacific at the Forefront of the Global Dimer Acid Market : By 2017-end, Asia Pacific (APAC)
is expected to account for the largest value share of the global dimer acid market, followed by
Europe and North America respectively. Surging demand for dimer acid in countries such as China
and India is favoring the prospects of the market in the region. In addition, China’s leadership in the
APAC’s dimer acid market is expected to remain unchallenged throughout the assessment period.
The growth of various end-use industries in several other Asian countries is also resulting in higher
demand for dimer acid in the region
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