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Global Market Study on Micronized PTFE: Automotive Industry Slated to Remain a
Prominent Consumer of Micronized PTFE
Surging demand for micronized PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) from various industries such as
medical, pharmaceutical, and automotive, is expected to drive growth of the global micronized
PTFE market. A recent report by Persistence Market Research (PMR) estimated the global
micronized PTFE market to register an impressive 6.1% CAGR during the forecast period 2017 to
2025. The market will reach revenues worth US$ 380.4 Mn in 2017, by 2025 this number is
estimated to surpass US$ 600 Mn.Virgin-sourced PTFE will Remain Dominant in the Global
Micronized PTFE Market :Virgin-sourced micronized PTFE is expected to remain dominant in the
global market, in terms of volume. Sales of virgin-sourced micronized PTFE will reach nearly
50,000 MT by 2025-end. Demand for recycled-sourced micronized PTFE will remain sluggish in
the market during the forecast period, owing to its limited usability, inferior quality, and
environmental issues.
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Micronized PTFE will witness the highest demand for application in Ink, expanding at 7.3% CAGR
through 2025, in terms of volume. In addition, coatings will be the second largest application for
micronized PTFE by 2025-end. Sales of micronized PTFE in lubricant & grease application will
exhibit the lowest CAGR through 2025.Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry will Continue to be the
Largest End-User of Micronized PTFE : Pharmaceutical & medical industry will continue to be the
largest end-user of micronized PTFE in the global market. In addition, sales of micronized PTFE in
pharmaceutical & medical and electronics sector will witness parallel expansion at 6.9% CAGR.
However, revenue from sales of micronized PTFE in electronics industry will remain comparative
lower than pharmaceutical & medical industry.
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In terms of volume, Asia Pacific (APAC) will remain the largest market for micronized PTFE, with
sales pegged to surpass 20,000 MT by 2025-end. Emerging economies in APAC are driving global
demand for flexible packaging, thereby fostering demand for micronized PTFE. In addition, various
construction projects are being undertaken in APAC, which in turn will fuel demand for micronized
PTFE in this region. Western fluoropolymer producers are entering into partnership with APAC
manufacturers who possess technological capabilities and produce high-purity fluorinated
monomers. For example, Shanghai 3F New Materials has made a Joint Venture with DuPont in the
recent past, for operation of fluorochemicals. These factors are further expected to drive growth of
the global micronized PTFE market in APAC.
Micronized PTFE Manufacturers in Europe are focusing on Integrating Cutting-edge Technologies
& Generating Value Addition : Europe will remain the second largest market for micronized PTFE,
with sales expanding at 5.8% CAGR through 2025. Growth of Europe’s major sectors including
packaging & textile, construction, automotive, electronics, maritime, aerospace, energy generation,
and healthcare are expected to affect numerous important micronized PTFE end-users significantly
in this region. Manufacturers are compelled in differentiating their products, owing to rapid growth
of technology in the region. The manufacturers are focusing on integrating cutting-edge
technologies and generating value addition to micronized PTFE quality, on the back of recent
application developments across various end-use industries. This will further drive the market
growth in Europe.
Production and operation facilities of micronized PTFE in Europe are subject to extensive
environmental health and safety laws & regulations. This is expected to incur increased costs for
manufacturers, for complying with new regulatory requirements. This is estimated to curb the
market growth of micronized PTFE in Europe. Leading market players identified in PMR’s report
include 3M Company, Chemours Company, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Gujrat Fluorochemicals Ltd,
Maflon S.p.a, Micro Powder, Inc, Shamrock Technologies, Solvay S.A., China Based Players,
JiangXi Aidmer Seal & Packing Co., Ltd, Shanghai 3F New Materials Co., Ltd.
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