How to clear memory in HP Laser Jet Printer

How to clear memory in HP
Laser Jet Printer
HP the world most secure printer provides the maximum productivity, high speed performance, more
pages, performance and protection. So it can be said that it is energy efficient with HP auto on/off
technology, can easily print by your smart phone and powered by jet intelligence including easy set up
designed for efficiency and convenience.
Hp contains many internal memory chips which retains data about what has recently been printed,
because of this, sometime the given tasks stick in a queue and documents is not printed or your printer
only prints a part of your document, so you need to clear the printer memory as a part of trouble
shooting attempt or erase potentially sensitive information, this task can be done by printer’s memory
via the machine control panel or the window printer menu.
So here our Hp Printer Support Australia are providing some steps by which it is
possible to clear your laser jet memory via laser Jet’s Control Button to return
the printer in a working state.
Click on the “Cancel” or reset “Button” on your Hp Laser Jet Printer repeatedly until the printer’s
display shows “Ready” ;
Turn your printer power “switch of” to clear the memory if your printer’s display doesn’t show
“Ready” the power switch is located on the side or back of the printer;
Turn “switch on” it will display ready after the warm process is complete
Apart from that some time it needs to clear the memory for window, so here are
the few step,
Click “Start” type “Run” in search programs and files if using window 7 in case of vista type “Run
“ in search box;
Type “Control Printer” in open box, press “Enter” and return key on your computer’s key board;
Right click on “HP laser printer icon” click open.
Click “printer” cancel all documents to clear the memory
Clearing the memory for MAC
Click on your MAC Hard Drive Icon, then click “Application” “utilities “and printer center. The
printer list dialog box will open;
Click “printer” show queue;
Press and hold option on your MAC’s keyboard, click Quit Printer Center,
Click ok in the alter box to clear the printer’s memory.
These steps seemingly easy but it might be difficult in some other incidence that you are unable to
handle. so you can take assistance by our experts via tool-free Hp Printer Helpline Number (+61283206004), our expert will assist you in all your queries and also gives you a well described solution in
case of other similar issues.