Waterjet Cutting Machines Market

Waterjet Cutting Machines will be Valued at US$ 2.7 Bn by 2024-End
Considering the fact that cutting will remain a crucial operation across various industrial verticals,
companies are compelled to adopt the most efficient machines that will serve this purpose. Waterjet
cutting machines are likely to be at the top of this list, and are widely used for cutting wide range of
materials without the use of abrasives. Persistence Market Research projects that towards the end of
2024, the value of global waterjet cutting machine market is likely to get doubled, reflecting a raise
from US$ 1.37 Bn in 2016 to US$ 2.7 Bn.
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The global waterjet cutting machine market is also anticipated to witness rampant sales of
intensifier pumps. Since intensifier pumps will be observed as top-selling products in the global
waterjet cutting machine market, they are likely to showcase revenue growth at 8.9% CAGR during
the assessment period. In 2017 and beyond, a little over 55% of the market’s revenues will be
accounted by application of waterjet cutting machines in two-dimensional cutting. In 2016,
more than 6,500 waterjet cutting machines were sold across the world for 2D cutting applications.
Likewise, over 70% of waterjet cutting machine sales will be attributed by high demand for
machines with a pressure range of up to 4200 Bar. Metal fabrication and automotive are expected to
be recognized as largest end-user industries for waterjet cutting machines. Revenues arising from
these two end-users are predicted to showcase CAGRs of 9% and above.
The report also reveals that North America will be the largest market for waterjet cutting machines.
With more than 35% share in global revenues, North America’s waterjet cutting machine market
will dominate the global market throughout the forecast period. US-based companies such as
WARDJet, International Waterjet Machines, OMAX Corporation, Semyx, LLC, Plasma
Automation Inc. (VICON), Hypertherm Inc. (Accustream), Hornet Cutting Systems, Koike
Aronson, Inc., KMT Waterjet, and Jet Edge, Inc. are profiled among the market’s key players
in the report.
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