What Are The Steps To Access Your Yahoo Mail App On A DROID Phone

What Are The Steps To Access Your Yahoo Mail App On A DROID Phone?
Yahoo mail service is famous around the world and offers commendable features to its users with easy
accessibility. Undoubtedly, its easy to use interface benefits its users and this application is used on both
PC as well as phone. In case, you have Motorola DROID phone and looking to access your Yahoo mail
app on your phone, you will need to configure your mail app on your phone and you need to upgrade
your app to Yahoo Mail Plus.
You just need to configure and access POP and IMAP servers required to auto-configure the account in
your Droid’s email app section. When you upgrade your mail app to Yahoo mail plus, it will automatically
access your mail app and SMTP servers when you enter the credential in your mail account. Here is a
complete description of steps to configure this app on your phone or Contact Yahoo Support team to
get step-by-step guidelines.
Steps To Follow:
Turn on your phone and tap on the application icon on your phone and open application.
Now tap on “Mail” icon to launch this app you can view display setup email window.
Next, you have to type in your email address in its email address section and type password in
its password section and tap on “Next” to move on. When you see a warning on your display
that your mailbox access is unsupported for all types of mail account, you just need to click “Ok”
to clear this message.
Now type a name for your account in the account section box and then type your name box and
tap on “Done”. Once you do so you’ll be able to see your Yahoo app on DROID inbox.
Once you follow these given steps you can easily setup this app on your phone and you are able to use
this application anytime and anywhere. By dialing Yahoo Support Number +353-498994003 , you can
easily connect with an expert to get directions to access this mail service.
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