Process To Disable AVG?

What Is The Process To Disable AVG?
If you want another program to work on your system, but AVG is already installed then you can
disable it temporarily. Once disabled do whatever you to want to and enable it again so that
your system stays protected from viruses. AVG Support Canada will guide you with the process
to turn it off for the desired time period and enable it again. Follow the steps provided in this
blog and contact our team if any problem persists:
Give Double-click on the AVG icon in your system tray in the lower-right corner of the
desktop. You might need to expand icon if it is not visible in the system tray.
Or attempt this step if still not able to find the program, go to Start menu and in the
search type AVG.
Open it and go to options in the upper-right corner which will display AVG menu.
Here click Advanced Settings which will open a new window with additional settings.
Now on the left menu of Advanced Settings, you will see the option of “Temporarily
Disable AVG Protection”.
Now select the time period you want to disable it for, take 5, 10, 15 minutes or until the
restart. You can disable it permanently if you wish to.
You can also replace AVG with Windows Defender which comes free with windows.
If you wish to disable the firewall also check “Disable Firewall protection”. If you use
programs that connect through special ports like file-sharing programs then you should
disable it for long period of time.
Now click OK to save the changes made. So now be careful if you use the internet as
your system is not protected now from viruses and malware.
Use these steps to disable AVG on Mac:
Open the software on your Mac to disable it temporarily.
As the software opens go to “On” menu under “Realtime Protection” and select “Off”.
Turning it off will stop its contact monitoring of system.
When you have finished the work for which it was required to be disabled, turn it on
back to protect your system again.
We hope that above information helped to reach our goal and if you want to remove this
software permanently you can uninstall it from your system for that Contact AVG Support
Canada At 1-855-253-4222. Our team will provide you all the necessary information to resolve
your issue. The team consists of well-trained technicians and engineers who will guide you with
the best possible ways and will also tackle your any other issue also regarding your product. So
just give a call and get instant replies.