Learn How To Recover Gmail Password With Expert Team

Learn How To Recover Gmail Password With Expert Team
Gmail is well known and most commonly used mail service. Almost everyone has its account and it can
seem as a well social bridge for connecting and managing contacts and networks. But what
If you forgot your Gmail Account Password then you don’t need to worry about it. Google has several
ways to recover your password. Just you need to visit gmail.com and click on forgot password? And
enter your user id and click on continue then Google will ask your security questions set by you if you
don’t remember it you can try another option like you can request for OTP(one time password) on your
linked mobile number. By entering OTP or answers for security questions you can set new password for
your account.
Here’s A Brief Details You Can Follow:•
First of all you have to enter Google accounts recovery in search tool bar
After that you will have to visit Google official page there you will see on top right need help
button and click on it
By clicking on it you will get options like contact us, about us and trouble logging in click on
trouble logging in. On next page Google will ask for your user id and after entering your id you
will have to click on “I don’t know password”.
When you will click on it you will be asked your last password you remember after entering last
password click on continue.
After that you will be asked for recovery options you can use which are as follow;You can request OTP on linked mobile number or
You can request password reset link on associated email
By entering OTP requested by you can reset your password
And if you used an reset link request on associated email address you have to open link sent by
Google and reset your password.
If You Are Still Unable To Change Your Password
You Can Contact Gmail Support Number
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