How to use Yahoo Messenger Mobile App To Add A Friend

How to use Yahoo Messenger Mobile App to Add a Friend
We always carry phone wherever we go so getting a Yahoo Messenger on mobile is the best way
to get connected to friends, family or colleagues. It is more accessible and we can be connected
anytime we want whether while eating food, travelling, sitting in a restaurant, or walking on the
streets. You just need to download the Yahoo Messenger Mobile Application on your mobile
phone and get chat notification whenever someone pings you.
Get it installed today itself by following few easy steps:1. Mobile App Installation: - Go to the Play store application in the Menu of your mobile
phone and type Yahoo Messenger. It will show you the Yahoo Messenger option to
install. You can click on install. Don’t install randomly any app, make sure you install the
right Yahoo app which is Yellow smile with a Y sign and purple background.
2. Signing in:-Once the installation is complete. Open the application by tapping on it and a
new window will open where it will ask you to enter the Yahoo ID and Password to sign
in. Once you have entered the existing Yahoo ID and password, hit "Sign In" button.
3. Check the contact:-The moment you log in you will see all the contacts have been
displayed with their available status. You can start chatting with all those who are
currently online. To all those who are not online you can even send messages to them and
later on when they come online they can check it and reply to your message.
4. You can even add a new friend if you want to by tapping on “Add Contact form” and
entering the email address of the person you want to add. Enter all the required details in
the appropriate field in the form and then hit "Done" which is on the upper right corner.
Now you would be able to see the new contact also.
Though adding a contact or chatting on Yahoo messenger with your friends, colleagues or
relatives is very easy but there are some other interesting features also like IM environment in
the background window, using a webcam, sending alerts etc. that you can learn to make your
chatting more interesting. Contact Yahoo Support Ireland team is experienced in fixing any
type of issue and also educating you about various interesting features that you can use. Our
customer service agents are very polite, knowledgeable and happy to assist you by online remote
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