What can we do to keep a check on the usage of mobile data?

What can we do to keep a check on the usage of mobile data?
It is the largest Internet service provider in U.S. which has benefitted numerous people all over the
country. It offers different types of media access varying with the requirements of people like cable,
ADSL, Naked DSL, mobile broadband, satellite, and dial-up. In cables the speeds available are Turbo, elite
and ultimate; in ADSL it ranges from 256kbits to down 64kbits; pure DSL receives incoming calls or can
make emergency calls and the naked one is offered without a dial tone; mobile broadband offering
wireless hotspots; satellite for the ones who are very far away. To know more information about the
same, get connected with BigPond Support.
The name has been now changed to Telstra along with many new features. If you want to view and
have a look at the post-paid service on your mobile, recover the Telstra app and account.
1. By using the app:
 First thing is to download the application.
 Sign-in to your email ID to open your account or to open that application on your device.
 Have a look at your recent bills.
 Keep a rough estimate of how much data is left.
 Ensure the days left for your data allowance to get the finish.
2. By using ‘My Account’:
 Get yourself registered at this address.
 Choose the plans as per your usage.
 If you tap on the tab of data service, then here you can get a detailed view of the usage
of data done.
 You can set the certain limit up to which data can be used and even create the alerts to
receive notifications.
There are several new attributes where you can have a view on your last bill, balance or the history of
the bill. Personal details, settings of the account, billing, payment and check-in are some more functions.
Still, if you find any kind of hurdle while working on it, do give a call BigPond Support Number. The
experts are there to help you throughout the year by offering sufficient solutions as per your needs.