PC Lenses Marketto Undertake Strapping Growth by 2021

PC Lenses Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2015 to 2021
PC (Perspective Control) lenses allow the photographers to adjust and control the appearance of the
viewpoint in the image. Very often they are used to prevent the meeting of parallel lines especially
at the time of photographing a tall object. Lenses which offer only shift are called shift lenses while
some lenses can also tilt and are called tilt shift lenses. Short-focus PC lenses are used mainly in
architectural photography and other applications such as landscape, product and closeup
photography. PC lenses are generally hold the application in single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras as
photographer is not able to view directly the effect of lens by range finder camera. A PC Lenses
have a bigger image circle than needed to capture the image area.
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PC lenses also known as space lenses or universe lenses are the material which enables space
exploration equipment to adjust to the special environment of space. It is a viscous material of high
persistence due to which it cannot be broken easily. PC lenses are 10 times as strong as traditional
resin lenses and 60 times as strong as glass lenses. PC lenses having thickness of 2.5 cm finds
application in the products such as bullet proof glass, aircraft canopies, as a transparent glass in the
aviation industry and in astronaut helmets. People are advised by the eye care professionals to wear
glasses having PC lenses for eyeware safety at work and during sporting activities.
PC lenses holds application in glasses of the car window due to the some of its advantages such as
large freedom of design, weight reduction, impact resistant, improved productivity and allowed the
development of a new headlamp concept. In addition, PC lenses hold its application in eyeglasses,
sunglasses and sports eyewear due to its lightweight property. The advancement of more oxygen
permeable materials has increased the comfort of contact lenses and appropriate for extended wear.
PC lenses are also suitable for the people who has the habit of wearing rimless eyeglass frames as
these lenses has less possibility of getting fractured than glass or plastic lenses.
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Light weight nature and high refractive index are some of the major factors which drive PC lens
market. Athlete’s choice for Pc lenses, workers having risky job environment and kids having
tendency to drop their glasses a play a bit rough are some of the growth opportunities for the PC
lenses market. Due to its high refractive index property, it also can be ground very thin. The major
factor restraining PC lenses market is that it is not so effective in ultraviolet light and also it lacks
the scratch resistance property due to its soft and flexible nature.
U.S. is the leading market of PC lenses followed by Europe. Whereas, market growth for PC lenses
in Asia Pacific has increased considerably in recent times.
Some of the major companies involved in the PC lenses market are such as Lippert Components,
Inc., GL OPTIC, CORUM CCTV, Carl Zeiss, FUJIFILM Corporation, Largan Precision Co.,
Tamron Co. Ltd. and Phenix optical (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.