How To Enter Or Boot Safely Operating Systems In Lenovo Laptops?

How To Enter Or Boot Safely Operating Systems In Lenovo Laptops?
Laptops have turned out to be a great boon for humans; it has taken technology to a new level where
you no more need to keep tucked to an electric switch. The more we are advancing towards technology
the more we need gadgets like laptops to enhance productivity.
Lenovo has been setting the benchmark with its every new invention and provides a wide range of
computers making it easier for you to choose the one that fits your needs. Their drivers and software are
one of the most reliable and preferred among all other companies.
Sometimes due to some unknown error, your drivers and programs do not start properly and you need
to troubleshoot them to keep your laptop safe from any damage. A safe mode is a troubleshooting
option in windows that help in starting your computer safely. To know how to enter into the safe mode
read all the instructions properly or visit Lenovo support to know more about your laptop.
For Windows 7:
• Restart your computer.
• When the computer starts some computer’s hardware list will be shown to you. Start pressing key F8
repeatedly when you see the list until Advanced Boot Options window open.
• Press down arrow key and select the safe mode option.
• Press Enter key on your keyboard and you will boot into window 7 safe mode.
• You will be asked for your login credentials to enter into safe mode.
• After completing your work reboot to go back to normal mode.
For Windows 8/8.1:
• On your windows screen, type Advanced startup and when the search result appear, click on the
Settings category and then click on the Advanced start options search option.
• In the new window, scroll down and click Restart now button under the Advanced Startup category and
your device will restart.
• Now, click on the Advanced Options button.
• At last, click on the Startup Settings option and then click on the Restart button. And your computer
will restart again.
• On the startup screen, press the number for the safe mode option you wish to use.
For Windows 10:
• Click on start on your computer screen and then choose settings.
• Select Update & security and then choose Recovery.
• Under Advance Startup, select Restart now.
• After the computer starts, click Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options and then choose Startup
• After your pc starts a list of option will appear. Select F4 or 4 to start PC in safe mode if you want to use
internet select 5 or F5 for safe networking mode.
Although the above information is detail enough to resolve your issue but still if you any need any
technical assistance call on Lenovo Support Number 1-800-958-239, trained professionals will assist you
to sort out your issue.
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