How To Use Winflash To Install BIOS Update On You Lenovo Computer?

How To Use Winflash To Install BIOS Update On You Lenovo Computer?
No doubt, it because of the technology that we are able to do the things we barely think about, every
day you find something innovative invention took place that effects our lifestyle in one way or another.
The advent of portable computers or laptop is another great invention that had overtaken many electric
Lenovo is a leading manufacturer of laptop that sells its product in more than 60 countries at most
reasonable price. Lenovo offers its customers the best technical support so that it can maintain a longterm relationship with its users.
If you are looking for help in order to install BIOS update to use winflash on your Lenovo computer then
you are at the right place. Lenovo Support provides you some set of instruction for your convenience so
follow all the steps carefully. Let’s get started with the process.
• First download the latest BIOS to the Desktop for ease of location, to do this:
• Open your web browser and visit Lenovo support website.
• Key in your product name.
• After your product page is opened, click “Drivers & Software”.
• Filter by “BIOS/UEFI” and then choose the corresponding OS information.
• Download and install the BIOS following the readme file.
• Locate to BIOS flash package and then right-click on it and choose “Run as administrator”.
• A pop-up window will open, click on the “Install” button.
• Click on “Flash BIOS” button.
• A warning window will remind you to connect the system power outlet and to provide other flash
• Click on “OK” button, BIOS program will run automatically.
• System will reboot automatically when the BIOS update is complete.
The above information will help you in resolving your issue still if you find any hindrance in your
approach to any of above steps then make a call on Lenovo Technical Support Australia 1-800-958-239,
the team on another side will lead you to get rid of the trouble you are facing.
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