New Trends of Waterstops Market with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2027

Waterstops Market Globally Expected to Drive Growth
through 2027
January 2017
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Waterstops Market
Waterstops are elements of concrete structure, which are used to prevent the flow of water. While
running through or embedded in the concrete joints, waterstops provide a fluid-tight diaphragm.
Waterstops are manufactured from a wide variety of materials depending upon its purpose. The
materials include extruded plastic, stainless steel and copper. Waterstops are coated with polymeric
coatings. Numerous fitting types and ongoing developments in the sector are expected to increase the
demand of waterstops market, globally. Different types of waterstops are used depending upon the
application areas, which include walls, under waterstops and external waterstops. The global waterstops
market trend is shifting from using waterstops made up of stainless steels material to flexible polymer
material. Flexible and syntactic waterstops are durable and corrosion free. It can also resist the
fluctuating water flow. All these factors fuel the growth of global waterstops market.
Global Waterstops Market:Market Dynamics
Waterstops are manufactured in various shapes and structures depending upon the area of application.
Waterstops are generally manufactured from flexible syntactic and rust proof materials, which result in
increased durability and waterproofing. Waterstops also aid in further safety enhancement for domestic
as well as commercial purposes to some extent thus providing added benefits to civil contractors as well
as the end users. Global waterstops market is also driven by its features such as good chemical resistance,
safe for use in portable water structures, rain and moisture resistance. Stainless steel waterstops
especially, are safe to be used in extreme heat or cold conditions and it also offers protection from ozone
and hazardous aqueous chemicals.
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Waterstops Market
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Rapid industrialization in developing economies and continuing developments in the construction
industries are some of the macro-economic factors supporting the growth of global waterstops market.
Furthermore, global waterstops market are driven by the increasing rate of chemical industries.
Lack of consumer awareness, high cost and technical limitations such as cyclical water conditions may
cause problems. Cyclic wetting and drying of waterstops may cause it to swell up and breakdown from
the wall. These are the major factors expected to hamper the growth of global waterstops market. To
overcome such restraints, key manufacturing companies are focusing on product development and
launching new waterstops, which will increase the durability of the waterstops, contributing to the
growth of global waterstops market.
Global Waterstops Market: Market Segmentation
The global waterstops market can be segmented based on the material used in manufacturing of the
waterstops, by types and by accessories used in waterstops.
Segmentation based on the material used in waterstops is as follows;
 Flexible polyvinyl chloride PVC
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Waterstops Market
 Polyethylene (PE)
 Carbon steel
 Others (oil-based paints, etc.)
Segmentation based on the waterstops types is as following;
 External Waterstops
 Internal Waterstops
 Expansion Waterstops
Segmentation based on the accessories used is as following;
 Waterstops welding irons
 Hog rings
 Hog rings pliers
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Waterstops Market
 Others
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Global Waterstops Market:Regional Overview
Asia pacific is expected to dominate the global waterstops market followed by the Middle East and North
America. The developing countries in Asia such as China and India are expected to hold the maximum
share in the regional market owing to growing constructions in these countries. The significant growth
lies in Western Europe followed by Japan. The upward development in the European countries are
expected to fuel the demand of the regional waterstops market. Whereas, Eastern Europe and Latin
America followed by Africa are expected to hold lower shares in the global waterstops market. The lack of
consumer awareness is expected to hamper the growth of waterstops market in Africa.
Global Waterstops Market: Market Participants
Examples of some of the market participants of global waterstops market includes Henry Company,
Trelleborg Ridderkerk BV, Krystol Group, Emagineered Solutions Inc, CE Construction Solutions,
BoMetals, Inc., Foshan Nanhai Fufujing Plastic & Hardware Company Limited and Mapei Construction
Products India Pvt Ltd. among others.
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Waterstops Market
The waterstops market is highly fragmented and the market players are concentration on strategic
expansions and new product launches to fulfill the growing demand of global waterstops market.
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