Plastic Retort Cans Market

Plastic Retort Cans Market: Global
Industry Analysis and Opportunity
Assessment 2017 – 2027
April 2017
Report Id : REP-GB-3099
Status : Ongoing
Category : Packaging
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Plastic Retort Cans Market
Plastic retort cans are a niche offering in retort packaging segment, wherein pre-cooked or raw food
products are placed into the plastic retort cans for achieving commercial sterility. Plastic retort cans are
characterized by robustness due to the strength derived from rigid plastics. Plastic retort cans are also
gradually occupying the shelves in modern retail formats, as it can be stacked on pallets without the need
for cartooning. Attributed to this property, plastic retort cans offer higher storage capacity while saving
costs of cartooning, as well as gaining preference of product manufacturers and brand owners.
The retort packaging market comprises of various multilayered packaging products that are used in
packaging of food and beverages. Retort packaging improves the shelf life of food products which can be
preserved in rigid or flexible packaging forms. Polyphenylene Ether (PPE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are predominantly used in manufacturing of retort packaging products,
including plastic retort cans. The retort packaging market is estimated to be over US$ 30 billion in 2016
and is poised to grow at 7 % CAGR to surpass US$ 58 billion in 2026.
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Plastic retort cans have evolved by making use of the retort packaging process. The retort process
requires heat for a specific period of time to pre-cooked or raw food products which are packed in retort
packages to achieve commercial sterility. Commercial sterility ensures that the food products are free
from microbial / organic contaminants. Food products packaged using retort packaging cans have
relatively longer shelf life and are largely used for packaging products such as seafood, soups and sauces,
baby food, ready-to-eat meals, etc. Plastic retort cans are multilayered packaging products with three to
four layers of lamination that comprises of material such as Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), nylon,
aluminum, and food-grade cast polypropylene or CPP.
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Plastic Retort Cans Market
Plastic Retort Cans market - Market Dynamics:
Plastic retort cans market is gaining momentum from increased demand for packed food in geographies
that are characterized by increasing per capita spending, rising middle income population and emerging
economies. Furthermore, the above benchmark performance of food and beverage industry across
developed as well as developing markets is another catalytic factor for global retort cans market.
Nevertheless, players engaged in plastic retort cans manufacturing are constantly challenged by the
increasing penetration of retort pouches which offer flexible packaging form, over plastic retort cans.
Retort pouches also offer printing capabilities for brands and logos and have applications in organic food
packaging, frozen food packaging, pet food packaging, soup packaging and fresh food produce.
Along with the need to improve shelf life of food products, advancement in technology can create
opportunities in plastic retort cans market.
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Plastic Retort Cans Market - Market Segmentation:
Retort packaging forms such as cartons, cans, trays, and pouches can be segmented industry wise into
food, beverage, healthcare, and pharmaceutical, in which food and beverage have prominent relevance.
Plastic retort cans have end usage application in Baby foods, Pet Foods, Seafood, Meat products, and
ready to eat meals.
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Plastic Retort Cans Market
Plastic Retort Cans Market – Regional Analysis
Geographically plastic retort cans market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Eastern
Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, and Middle East and Africa. The
market for retort packaging in Asia Pacific is a major regional market as demand from emerging counties
are witnessing upward trend.
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Plastic Retort Cans Market - Key Players
Sonoco and Kortec (now part of Milacron Co-Injection Systems) have introduced clear plastic retort
cans as an alternative to tin cans with capabilities to handle temperature and pressure conditions.
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