WORK - Magnus Wassborg

CONTACT: [email protected]
I work with autonomous sculptures with nature as functional elements and sculptures for disasters.
I started with interceptions from natural materials in 1994 and developed in parallel with these
sculptures after a few years autonomous sculptures powered by solar cells and thermoelectric
functions. The overall research is then and now nature, disaster and the process of human beings as
a interpreter .
Titel: Sculpture for Holocaust, Summer cottage version. 200C.
Material Nordic Pinewood, Thermoelectric element, Diod, Heatsink
Titel: This is the last sound you will hear when the sun goes down.
Owner: Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation Sweden
Material : Wood from Spinning Wheel, Solar cells, Swedish radio P1 transmitter, wires
Titel: The Silence (Molekyl Gallery Malmo Sweden)
18 speakers presenting no sound recording from the gallery (recorded silence in six channels)
Material: speakers, amplifiers, wires
Titel: I was molested by extraterrestrial beings (Vetlanda Museum)
Material: Spinning whels, computer, diod, concret santa, speakers, stompbox octaver
Titel: Apocalypse lll
Owner (Region Jönköpings Län)
Material: Cotton, diod
Titel: Apocalypse ll
Material: Cotton, Silk, Diod, Wood, Iron