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Welcome to Newsreel Easy. I’m Layla May, your presenter from
London. In today’s programme:
● The Dakota Pipeline
● The iPhone Obsession
● And, uniting young and old
pipeline oljeledning
obsession besatthet,
uniting som förenar
First up, the Dakota Pipeline
‘Criminals you guys are criminals, go get your money somewhere
else!....Yeah you!’
The Dakota Pipeline is an oil pipeline that will run underground from
North Dakota to Illinois in America. The construction of the
controversial pipeline is about to start again. The project had
stopped for months, because of opposition from Native American
protestors and their supporters. They say that the pipeline would
destroy ancient holy sites and pollute their drinking water. Native
Americans have said that the government approved pipeline
construction without telling them. But US Law requires that the
Government agree this with the Native Americans. While President
Donald Trump doesn’t have the power to approve construction, he
supports the oil companies.
And now onto the iPhone Obsession
underground under
the controversial
den omstridda
Native Americans
holy sites
pollute förorena
approved godkände
requires kräver
agree att komma
approve godkänna
supports stödjer
‘This is iPhone 7’
The first iPhone was created in 2007. 10 years later, the iPhone 7 has
been released, and iPhones are more popular than ever. But why are
was created
has been released
har getts ut
so many people still choosing the iPhone? And why do they keep
upgrading to the latest model? I spoke to Chris, an employee at a
mobile phone shop in London.
keep upgrading
fortsätter att byta
upp sig
employee anställd
I asked Chris if customers automatically upgraded to the latest iPhone
Chris: Yes, pretty much they literally know it’s the iPhone that they
want and their upgrades are always iPhone 7’s
Layla: Why do you think they do that?
Chris: I think people are buying it because they feel like they belong to a
Chris explains why iPhones are so popular. Let´s hear him again.
Chris: I think people are buying it because they feel like they belong to a
Fans waiting for the newest iPhones has become the norm. Jess is
one of them. I asked her if she automatically upgrades her iPhone
every time a new one is released.
The contract I have means I can upgrade my phone every few months
with no extra cost.
It is estimated that 50 million tonnes of electronic waste will be
produced this year. Electronic waste is an issue because it often
contains harmful chemicals. So, is it really ethical to buy a new phone
it is estimated det
waste avfall
harmful skadliga
ethical etiskt
every time there is a new model? I asked Jess about this.
Jess: What is the point in upgrading a device when it’s causing that
much harm to the world we live in.
Layla: But yet you do have the latest iPhone 7
what is the point
vad är meningen
Jess:Well now that I’m more aware of the effects that it has on the
environment, to be honest, I won’t be so keen on upgrading my phone
next time.
aware medveten
the environment
keen on sugen på
And finally, uniting young and old
Programmes in the US and the UK are uniting young and old people.
The organisation Charity Intergin allows old people to volunteer at
their local primary and secondary schools. The aim of this is to teach
young people some old knowledge and to combat the problem of
loneliness among older people.
And that’s all from today’s programme. As usual, you can find the quiz
and questions, on the Newsreel pages of – and don’t forget
our Facebook page – it’s UR Engelska. Until next time, I’m Layla May,
thanks for listening.
are uniting förenar
charity välgörenhet
primary and
secondary schools
grund - och
the aim syftet
combat bekämpa